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Import Works is a shop specialized in importing vehicles and parts for the competition

Our products

We have a wide variety of articles, spare parts and specialized products for all types of vehicles.

Our facilities

Rental of boxes

We rented boxes so you can make your repair or replacement part.

Imports from abroad

We import parts and cars from Europe, America and Japan.

Specialized Products

We have specialized products that you won’t elsewhere in the area.

100% professional

We are the only one en the area we do this type of import.

Specialists in the world of the competition

We are always involved in the creation and repair of cars.

Attention personalized

We serve in a personalized way to each of our clients according to their needs.

About Import Works

You can find out a little more about our company by clicking on the following link.

Sale of parts for vehicles and imports from anywhere


In Import Works we have years of experience in the procedures at the time of import parts or products for vehicles from other countries.

You can count with us to manager entire process when it comes to import any product and even cars.

+ Sold items

+ Boxes

+ Imports carried out

+ Repairs made

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In Importworks shop we have exclusive products that you will not find anywhere else in the area, already visit our and learn more about them.

Discover some of our work

Over the years we have been doing a lot of work for many clients, you can see some of the results that we have come to have at at the hands of our professionals.

Do not hesitate search your perfect car, you already contact us.


We perform the entire process of import as needed, we make the set up of the car or piece that has been imported and we deliver it so that you can start to enjoy.